Refer & earn locks

Referral program

Earn 50% referral bonus locks for each mate you refer. Check the number of bonus locks earned when your mate subscribes a plan in the following table. Each referral bonus lock is equal to one lock.

An example, assume that you are on Silver monthly plan. You refer a mate who signs up Gold monthly plan. You now have extra 6 locks on top of 6 locks of your plan. Your mate also has extra 6 locks on top of 12 locks of his/her plan. The more mates you refer, the more bonus locks you get.
Referee's plan Referer's bonus locks earned Referee's bonus locks earned
Bronze Monthly 1 1
Silver Monthly 3 3
Gold Monthly 6 6
Platinum Monthly 15 15
Bronze Annual 12 12
Silver Annual 25 25
Gold Annual 75 75
Platinum Annual 182 182

Get code! Send! Earn!

Get your referral code and send to your mates. The referral bonus locks will be automatically credited to your and your mate's accounts immediately when your mate subscribes for a monthly or annual plan.

You can check your referral bonus locks you have earned by entering your membership email below.
The referral program runs until further notice. To earn referral bonus locks, the referee must be a new member and enter your referral code when signing up membership. In addition, you must have an active membership to earn and use referral bonus locks. If your membeship expires, all associated referral bonus locks will expire and unable to get back. Therefore, it is important to keep your membership active. The referral bonus lock is an one-off bonus, not recurring monthly or annually as with the referee's plan. There is no referral bonus lock for PAYG plan. Self-referral is not eligible for referral bonus locks.
PetrolBargain reserves the right to reject referral bonus locks with or without a reason. PetrolBargain also reserves the right to withdraw the referral program anytime without notice.