Fuel locks

PetrolBargain locks in the petrol prices you see on the homepage. The price lock is available in your account almost instantly after you submit the lock requests.

Sign, Submit & Save!

1. Sign up a monthly/annual/PAYG plan with your 7.11 email address* .

2. Submit a lock request. Make sure the password is correct.

3. Save with fuel lock in My 7.11 App in about 2 minutes. If not, check your email to see the reason.

*: This is the email address you use to sign in My 7.11 App. You can create a new account with My 7.11 App.

Yes. All passwords are encrypted when users submit lock requests. The passwords are permanently wiped out from our servers as soon as the lock requests have been processed.
However, the best practice is that you create a new 7.11 account to use our services. If you have already registered with your current email address, you can change your membership email anytime on our page.

The system always sends you an email about the result of your lock request.

There are two common reasons if a lock request fails:
- Incorrect email and/or password.
- There exists an unused fuel lock in your 7.11 account.

You should check your inbox (and Spam folder) for more details.

Our system locks in your fuel almost instantly.
80% of requests are processed in 2 minutes.
95% of requests are processed in 10 minutes.

It probably takes longer when there are price changes or system update.

Error G09/G17

This Error G09 means that your 7.11 account has been deactivated by 7.11. Your membership with us is still active. What you need to do:

1. Create a new 7.11 account.
Tips for gmail accounts: You do not need to create a new email. For example, if your old email is [email protected], you can create a new 7.11 account with email [email protected] or [email protected] Just put one or more dots (.) in your email address. You still receive emails in [email protected]

2. Then change your membership email here. If you cannot change it, contact us.

3. Finally, submit a lock request with your new 7.11 email address.


The lock quota is based on your billing period. For example, if you registered membership with 4 locks per month on the 10th of May, you have 4 locks until the 10th of June. On the 10th of June, your quota will be reset if your membership has been renewed successfully.

If you are on an annual subscription, the quota will be reset yearly.

No. Only successful lock requests will be counted towards your quota.

No. Although PetrolBargain encrypts and stores passwords for about 2 minutes, it is recommended that you create a new 7.11 account and use it to sign up membership.
In addition, you should not link your velocity number to this account.

Yes. You can sign up multiple memberships with the same email. All lock quotas will be added up. For example, if you have 2 memberships with 2 and 12 locks per month respectively, then your lock quota is 14 locks per month. Please note that the two memberships have different billing cycle periods. The referral bonus locks (if have) will be associated with the membership of which the expiration date comes after (at the time the referral bonus locks have been rewarded.)

The successful lock requests are counted towards your membership of which the expiration date comes earlier. If you reach lock quota for the membership, the system uses your referral bonus locks. After that it uses your PAYG locks.

If you signed up via PayPal, you could manage your subscriptions via your PayPal account.

If you signed up via BuyMeACoffee, you could update your memberships at BuyMeACoffee website or Stripe.

If you signed up via Stripe, you could change your subscriptions here. Important: you must use the original email that had been used when you registered the membership, not the email you have changed to.

You could also contact us to cancel, but it would take 1 to 5 business days to complete your request.

You can change membership email on the menu bar. You must have access to your current membership email to click on the link the system sends. If you cannot access to your current membership email, please contact us.

You should contact us to fix the email. Note that you must provide a proof of the membership registration. Please go to About page.

You should be able to lock immediately after signing up membership. Otherwise, you could have incorrectly entered your 7.11 email when signing up membership. You should contact us to have email fixed.

Your membership becomes inactive if one or more following cases happen:

Case 1. You have requested to cancel your membership with immediate effectiveness. In this case, there is no way to reactivate your membership. You can register a new plan but be unable to get back any unused referral bonus locks.

Case 2. Stripe or PayPal is unable to charge your membership fee as the billing cycle. In this case, the membership is temporarily inactive. Stripe or PayPal will try to deduct the fee several times. If it is successful, your membership becomes active again. Otherwise, your membership becomes permanently inactive as Case 1.

Note 1: Your membership is still active if you have used up all your lock quotas. You are still eligible to earn and use referral bonus locks.

Note 2: If you have multiple memberships, each one has its own billing cycle and inactive/active status.


Yes. The payment will be completed via PayPal or Stripe website to assure secure transactions. No payment data is stored on our site.

Since PetrolBargain does not store any payment information such as credit cards, you must update your payment methods on PayPal or Stripe or BuyMeACoffee website on which you signed up your membership.


You must have an active membership to earn and use referral bonus locks. The system will use your monthly/annual plan lock quota first. If the quota runs out, the system then uses referral bonus locks. The referral bonus locks only expire when your membership expires due to unpaid membership fee or cancellation per your request.

You can enter your email on the referral page to check the number of referral bonus locks you have earned. The bonus locks are immediately credited to your and your mate's accounts right after he/she completed signing up a plan.

If you referred your mates but did not received referral bonus locks, there could be one of the following reasons:
- Your mate is not a new member. He is probably a returning member.
- You did not have an active membership when your mate was signing up a plan.
- Self-referral.

Otherwise, you could contact us to have a check and if eligible, we will add the bonus locks for you and your mate.